We like to think that the universe conspired to bring us together on our very own quest. This is because the way in which we came to be is like one of the stories from our very own Mini Adventures!

Not such a very long time ago an English lady called Hayley, who lived in a foreign land, had a great idea. One day she lamented to her fairy godmother about the quest she would like to embark upon. She tells her that she would need companions on her journey as she is a stranger in the land and doesn't know anyone who can join her.

Luckily the fairy godmother knew just the person, Katja, who she was sure had the skills to make the venture a success. So, a meeting was made and the 2 women expectantly met. They were both really hoping that they would like each other and have the same visions about the adventure ahead. Amazingly they did! And not only that, Katja had a colleague, Tamara, who would be the perfect addition to the missions. Another exciting meeting was held and the three of them chatted, exchanges ideas, and hatched plans like they were old friends.


Stride and Seek Mini Adventures was born and they all lived happily after ...

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