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About Mini Adventures

We like to think that the universe conspired to bring us together on our very own quest. This is because the way in which we came to be is like one of the stories from our very own Mini Adventures!

Not such a very long time ago an English lady called Hayley, who lived in a foreign land, had a great idea. One day she lamented to her fairy godmother about the quest she would like to embark upon. She tells her that she would need companions on her journey as she is a stranger in the land and doesn't know anyone who can join her.

Luckily the fairy godmother knew just the person, Katja, who she was sure had the skills to make the venture a success. So, a meeting was made and the 2 women expectantly met. They were both really hoping that they would like each other and have the same visions about the adventure ahead. Amazingly they did! And not only that, Katja had a colleague, Tamara, who would be the perfect addition to the missions. Another exciting meeting was held and the three of them chatted, exchanges ideas, and hatched plans like they were old friends.


Stride and Seek Mini Adventures was born and they all lived happily after.....


We just love the fact that our product gets people out and about enjoying the fresh air, exploring new places and experiencing quality time together away from a screen or device.

We pride ourselves on our creative thinking and attention to detail, but a healthy dose of humour means we don't take ourselves too seriously!

Hayley Handford-Brown
The List Lady

Hayley already had the clue hunting bug when she moved to Slovenia in 2017. Having been a franchisee for the UK's leading treasure hunt company in the not so distant past. 

When she is not out on the hunt for more exciting Mini Adventures or dispatching all the awesome adventures, Hayley loves cooking for friends, walking her 2 dogs and renovating old furniture. She is also trying to improve her Slovene!

Katja Kolbl
 The Contacts Diva

Before teaming up with Hayley and Tamara, Katja was a franchisee and a Helen Doron teacher in her own learning studio.  She would also do language courses for adults and translate. To create her own product is a life-time wish. Using her contacts, she is responsible and in charge of meetings with business partners as well as marketing activities. She is actively involved in a local charity. When she is not in the office she spends her time with her family, runs and reads. 

Tamara Malović
The Sneaky Cluester

Tamara taught children at the Helen Doron language school for many years alongside her other work, managing a team of people. Her positive energy, enthusiasm and adventurous spirit is a great asset to the team. She is our personal Seeker with a creative mind, who travels, explores and writes our Mini Adventures. So, if you see her out and about with pen and paper in hand, looking intensely at plaques and statues, be sure to say hello!

Tamara is a big fan of handball and can be found cheering on her local team every weekend during the season. She also loves the sea.