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Bad Radkersburg Personalised - Spring Magic

Bad Radkersburg Personalised - Spring Magic

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Once a medieval trading town, Bad Radkersburg is now a luxury spa town. Bursting with history, the well-preserved old town centre has a Mediterranean feel. A strict historical protection policy saw it win the European Gold Medal for the protection and care of historical sites in 1978. 40 years on from winning this medal and you will not see a plastic window or modern outdoor blinds.

The circular walls of the town are also still in excellent condition bearing in mind they were last modernised in the 16th century by Italian master builders!

  • This walking Mini Adventure is approximately 3km long and depending on your pace, takes around 2.5 hours to complete
  • This Mini Adventure is suitable for pushchairs and wheelchair users. This Mini Adventure features a wheelchair lift on the stairs leading from the Catholic Church to clues 12 and 13. The lift can only be used with a key. However, these clues are easily accessible by taking another route, going back down Langasse and heading for clues 14 and 15.  
  • This Mini Adventure is suitable for all ages from 5 to 85.
  • One Mini Adventure map will be enough for 6 people.
  • Free answer sheet included - sealed, so it's not too easy to cheat but accessible if you get stuck.
  • Choose to reward your little explorers with a special memento of the day. A Mini Adventurer Certificate signed by the Master of Seekers himself can be sent too. At the time of choosing your Mini Adventure, just pop a certificate in the basket along with your other items.
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