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Are you looking for a fun day out with the kids or with visiting friends? Perhaps you just want to spend quality time with your favourite people out in the fresh air whilst soaking up a bit of culture and experiencing adventure first hand! Whether it's your first visit to Kamnik, or you have been before and want to discover it from a different perspective, our self-guided Mini Adventure is the perfect way to get acquainted, at your own pace and in your own time.


Kamnik, a medieval town is rich in history and tradition. It is surrounded by the Kamnik-Savinja Alps so breath-taking views of the mountains are never too far away. It is from the top of Mali grad hill found in the centre of the town and nicknamed the "Balcony of Kamnik", that you will encounter the most impressive vistas.  It is here also that a unique two-storey Romanesque chapel stands, one of the most important in Slovenia. It is all that remains of a 11th century castle complex that once stood here, where counts of Bavaria had their seat. The legend of Countess Veronika, who features heavily in the mission in Kamnik, is linked to this site also and you will see her depicted in Kamnik's coat of arms as you explore the town.


The most enchanting street in Kamnik is Šutna, where medieval houses lean against each other, showing off several guild and craft signs. A throwback to times gone by when the street was home to numerous artists and craftsmen. One craft tradition of Kamnik which is being brought back to life is Majolica earthenware production. A workshop named Hiša Keramike, zakaj pa ne majolka is situated here. You can't miss the Church of Mary Immaculate which dominates Šutna. The separate Gothic bell tower was once part of a medieval church. Due to numerous fires and earthquakes the original church (of which records show stood here as early as 1207) was repeatedly rebuilt until 1734 when the church as it stands today was designed and constructed. Along Šutna there are many interesting sights to see as you solve clues and explore. Rudolf Maister, a Slovenian poet, general and fighter was born in Kamnik - his birthplace, at number 16, houses a museum dedicated to him. At the north end of Šutna the Park of Europe can be visited which boasts a descendant of the oldest vine in the world from Maribor, along with the Monument to the Revolution and to the Fallen, erected in 1962.


This Mini Adventure takes in many of the town's squares. Trg Svobode (Liberty Square) is where local fairs would have taken place. It is surrounded by buildings, some of which date back more than 400 years and houses the entrance to a tunnel which goes under the Mali Grad Hill. The tunnel was excavated by the Germans in 1938. Glavni Trg (Main Square) has many delightful features. The fountain in the middle of the square is from the Middle Ages and features, on one side, the symbol of St. Margaret, a medieval protector of Kamnik. The other side shows representations of the former industry period in Kamnik. The Main Square itself went through a major facelift in 1953 when famous Slovenian architect, Jože Plečnik, reconstructed the façades. The beige and orange house with loggia at number 2 is one of his masterpieces.


On the way to find the final clues at Žale Hill where the Church of the Marriage of the Virgin stands, the Franciscan Friary is a must to see. It houses about 7,000 books and notebooks printed before 1799 and even has a collection printed before 1550!

And don't worry if all that exploring has made you thirsty and hungry, Kamnik has a great array of places to stop off for a while and soak in the atmosphere. And if you love shopping, there's a superb range of shops, many selling the famous ceramics of the area.


As you explore you will be following our special map, solving clues as you go along - some are sneaky, some not so much. The clues are set on buildings, monuments and permanent features, solving them will reveal the location of the relic you have been tasked to find on your epic adventure. Become one of the Seeker characters presented in the booklet and feature on the free collectable badges that are included. 

And at the end of the Mini Adventure you will have found the answer to your quest and be able to decode the exclusive 'mini padlock' included in your pack, loaded with lucky Seeker Charms.

Take part in the special challenges along the way too, making the fun last even longer!


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Kamnik - The Disenchantment of Countess Veronika

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Type Of Mini Adventure
    • This walking Mini Adventure is approximately 3km long and depending on your pace, takes around 2.5 hours to complete
    • This Mini Adventure is not suitable for pushchairs and wheelchair users
    • This Mini Adventure is suitable for all ages from 4 to 84
    • One Mini Adventure map will be enough for 6 people
    • Free answer sheet included - sealed, so it's not too easy to cheat but accessible if you get stuck
    • There are free certificates for each Mini Adventure available on submission of the answer to the quest. Alternatively, order an extra special Mini Adventurer Certificate at the time of choosing your Mini Adventure and have an awesome personalised certificate sent to you in the post from the Master of Seekers himself!